Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kruse & Muer Roadhouse, February 14, 2016

We were happy to be able to get Valentine's Day reservations at Kruse and Muer with only a couple days' notice. It's where we got (legally) engaged and, oddly enough, we ended up in the very same booth! Everyone with whom we interacted was just delightful, from the valets to the hosts to our waitress, who was simply darling and had spot-on recommendations about the food.

We started our anniversary dinner with a spectacularly delicious rendition of crab and brie bisque, that left me wanting several more bowls, and a dish of beautiful seared scallops wrapped in bacon. I am a little leery of ordering scallops from any kitchen but Anne Kearney's, as I've too often had them either rubbery and overcooked or shudderingly undercooked and slimy. These were perfectly cooked, though, and so great. I happily sipped a pretty and tasty Cupid's Arrow, while Jeannene had a glass of peach bubbly.

I struggled with ordering. I love their pan-roasted chicken, but felt like I should get something I don't always order. Since it was Valentine's Day, it seemed like I should order something special and fancy. What kept calling my name, though, was the Rocky's Creation pizza, so I finally chose that, after getting some input from our waitress. Man, was it fantastic! A great, chewy crust, topped with wee shrimp coated in Cajun seasoning, artichoke hearts, garlic butter, tomatoes, and cheese. Jeannene, after considering fish, went for the lovely twin filets with portabellas, served on potato pancakes. She was very, very happy with her order.

For dessert, we ordered the special, a chocolate raspberry mousse cake for two. I was expecting that it would be mousse cake like cheesecake, but lighter. I was utterly delighted, like a 5-year-old, with what arrived at our table. Fluffy chocolate mousse and a layer of fresh raspberries sandwiched between two heart-shaped chocolate cakes, then adorned with whipped cream, raspberry sauce, and chocolate sauce. It was perfect.

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