Monday, February 22, 2016

Red Knapp's, February 20, 2016

Although we've been together almost 15 years, and had a commitment ceremony 14 years ago, we weren't able to get legally married until just 2 years ago. Since we had a family dinner planned for Sunday, the actual anniversary, we went out Saturday night to celebrate. We intended to go to our favorite Irish public house, Sullivan's, but went to the grocery beforehand and ended up finishing a smidge late for that. We'd also had brunch out, at Bravo, and so didn't feel obliged to do anything fancy or formal for our second meal out that day. So, we went with what sounded best, which turned out to be Red Knapp's in downtown Oxford. One of these days, we'll go to the original, in Rochester, for burgers and malts.

Although their appetizers are always tempting, we weren't terribly hungry. So, we skipped the apps and went straight to the salad menu. Jeannene had a chef salad and I went with the Southern chicken salad. We were both fairly pleased with our salads, although the chicken on mine was drier than it usually is. The service was good, as always. The only beef I have with Red Knapp's is the carcasses on the walls, but that's their choice and, if I want to eat there, I deal. Elijah was pretty astounded by the huge moose head above our table. He kept looking up at it with the roundest eyes! I wonder what he was thinking.

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