Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easter Quiche, April 5, 2015

The traditional Easter feast in our household is ham, au gratin potatoes, and asparagus. However, when you're feeding vegetarians a festive meal, it feels mean just to expect them to eat the sides. So, we mixed things up a bit at my almost-grandma's and I made 2 quiches, one with ham and cheddar, the other with asparagus and swiss for the veggies. I topped a big salad of mixed baby greens and baby spinach with fresh raspberries and had a fat-free raspberry vinaigrette from Maple Grove Farms to dress it. Jeannene chose a fruit tray from the grocery and we also had a fluffy loaf of French bread. My mom made a white cake with homemade buttercream for dessert. We'd meant to make the cake in my grandmom's lamb pan, but it hid from my mom, so we just had a regular and very good layer cake. You can find my quiche recipe here.

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