Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jeet India, April 19, 2015

On Sunday, we had a very early dinner before we left the Dayton area. We'd been invited to brunch at Clifton Mill, which we love, with some cool folks we'd just met, but didn't have time to make it. We were very hungry when we walked into Jeet India in Beavercreek for a very late lunch/early dinner. It smelled wondrous! We've not yet found a good Indian restaurant in our area, although I am sure they exist, so we were very excited to get yummy Indian food. We shared the veggie sampler for an appetizer. Jeannene is always excited about paneer pakora. I really dig the veggie pakoras and the samosas. My favorite thing is usually the pappadam, but the one that came to us was fairly flavorless and tasted a tad greasy and as though the oil needed to be changed. Everything else was really good, though, so perhaps not.

With our meals, we each got bread. Jeannene's favorite is garlic naan---we both love garlic---and I can't resist bhatura ever. We both got chicken tikka masala. I will order something else if I've had good chicken tikka masala lately, but I was so hungry for it that I wasn't at all adventurous. It was perfect, too, a bit spicier than I'd expected and better than I'd expected. Neither of us could finish our meal, so we had wonderful leftovers for lunch.

Sadly, the gulab jamun was not at all what I had hoped. I'm used to it being warm and syrupy, but what arrived were two cold, lonesome-looking dough balls. They were certainly tender, but I didn't like them enough to waste calories on them. I am hoping there is warm gulab jamun not too far in my future.

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