Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Roca's Mexican Grill, April 3, 2015

One of the few restaurants available in Cross Lanes, WV, is Roca's Mexican Grill, on the way up the hill to the casino. We took my mom there on the Friday night of our visit and it was terrific! Our server was charming and didn't rush us a bit, even when my wife got dithery. My mom had a veggie quesadilla, Jeannene opted for a funky tortilla-wrapped package of steak called, I think, a volcano, and I had pork chile verde, which was very good. I am kind of picky about my chile verde and they did a wonderful job with it at Roca's, with chunks of flavorful, tender pork in a lovely tomatillo sauce. It was served with refried beans and rice, both of which had a great deal more character (in a good way) than most you encounter in your typical Americanized Mexican spot. The salsa was quite good, as was the guacamole, but they served the chips with a very suspicious mayo-based sauce that was truly icky---sweet and just really odd. The queso sauce was quite thin, but pretty good---I think I would just stick to the salsa & huac for future visits, but I will definitely be making future visits. One of the best choices for Cross Lanes.

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