Monday, April 20, 2015

P.F. Chang's, April 16, 2015

Since we had to go pick up my wife's tux for the adult prom Thursday night, I suggested we just have dinner out. She has happy to do that, but not in the mood for decision-making, so I gave her the choice of either Bahama Breeze or P.F. Chang's. To my surprise, she chose P.F. Chang's. We decided to try the new chicken satay for an appetizer. Jeannene suggested it because she knows I love chicken satay. I would rather have had the lettuce wraps or potstickers, but I thought she especially wanted the satay. She did end up really liking it. I found the sauce entirely too runny and it tasted awful to me. Perhaps it was heavy on the cilantro? Anyway, I ended up not eating it. My Mongolian beef more than made up for it. It was completely delicious. I love that they offer either brown or white rice, too. I assumed I'd like the white rice best, but I actually much preferred the brown, which was perfect because we ordered both and my honey is, as she puts it, "a white rice kinda girl." Both were cooked just right. Jeannene's entree was the curry coconut vegetables, with crispy tofu, and she really loved it.

The first couple of times I went to P.F. Chang's, I was completely unimpressed. Then, my dear friends, Aaron & Mimi, got married and wanted to go to P.F. Chang's for their "reception" (very small, only 6 of us, going to dinner together). I was less than delighted at the prospect and it was terrific. Every time I've been since then, I've had a great experience. And I have great memories of Aaron, Mimi, Aimee, and Angelo. I also have great memories of a trip there with my cousin, Jessie, even though the food and the experience were not so awesome. Pretty much any experience with Jessie is great.

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