Monday, March 09, 2015

Checkers, March 5, 2015

Last Thursday night, we were busy packing our bags for a weekend trip to visit our oldest at college, so Jeannene, whose night it was to choose dinner, brought home fast food from Checkers for dinner. We normally don't eat much fast food, but every once in awhile, it tastes quite good. This was one of those occasions. Jeannene loves their chili cheese fries, so she had those with her cheeseburger. I just had plain fries with mine. Their cheeseburgers are among the better fast food cheeseburgers, in my opinion. They're definitely fast food, of course. Their buffalo chicken sliders are pretty tasty, too. Some of you folks may know this place as Rally's. I like the variety of their menu better than many places, too.

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