Monday, March 02, 2015

What I Ate Last Week, February 21-28, 2015

Oh, dear, I've fallen behind on my blogging dinners. I will just give a quick report of what I've been eating, I suppose, and get back on track. Kind of silly and not that I imagine that many of you care if I miss a week, but in case someone out there is dying to know, here it is:

February 21: Jet's pizza with pepperoni & extra cheese in the midst of packing madness

February 22: H Bar, Hyatt House, Parsippany, NJ (I had grilled cheese and drooled over Jeannene's excellent, delicious cream of mushroom soup)

February 23: Qin Dynasty, Parsippany, NJ (Excellent steamed pork dumplings following really cold in the middle, stuffed with mushrooms spring rolls that I did not eat, tasty beef chow fun, complimentary---and terrific---sweet red bean soup & orange wedges)

February 24: Empire Diner, Parsippany, NJ (Quite possibly the highest quality roast beef hot shot I've ever had)

February 25: La Isla, Hoboken, NJ (I met friends for dinner & had the chorizo y camarones cazuela for an appetizer---with real Cuban bread!---and the masitas de puerco with moros and maduros for my main course. It was not as good as Miami Cuban, but it was quite yummy. And dessert was completely swoony, a guava & queso pastelito. Oh, man. I would go just for that and a cup of cafe con leche!)

February 26: Earl of Sandwich, Newark Airport (The Original 1762, a roast beef and cheddar hot sandwich---not as good as the Downtown Disney location, but pretty good for airport food)

February 27: Max & Erma's, Rochester Hills, Michigan (Philly cheesesteak---with wonderfully fresh green peppers---and fries)

February 28: Jeannene made garlic-marinated chicken breast, mac & cheese, and corn.

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