Monday, March 09, 2015

Crossroads Dinor, Edinboro, PA, March 6, 2015

Jeannene and I had been to the Crossroads Dinor for lunch on a previous visit to Edinboro and had a good meal. This time, the food was not great and the service was a little spacey, owing to one waitress being assigned to entirely too much territory. It was a Friday night, so there was a fairly loud and not terribly good band, but we were able to be seated in a quieter section. It smelled like a roast beef hot shot in there, so I ended ordering the dish that looked most likely to be the source of the yummy smell, the chopped sirloin with gravy. I can't imagine chopped sirloin without mashed potatoes, so those were one of my sides. I picked corn as the other. Jeannene ordered exactly the same thing.

I liked mine just fine, once they brought me gravy for my meat---the dish arrived with gravy on the potatoes, but not on the meat, even though the waitress specifically asked if I wanted gravy on the meat and even though Jeannene's had gravy on both. The potatoes were a little on the loose, floppy side for my liking and the meat had entirely too much of a Liquid Smoke flavor, but it was edible. Jeannene, however, took a bite and said, "Nope." She took one more, just to be sure, then pushed her plate away, not even willing to eat the sides.

We took it with us, so as not to be rude, but left it in our hotel room fridge when we left. I never know what to do with leftovers I'm not going to eat in hotels. A lot of times, we have something really stellar for dinner and I just can't finish it during our stay. If I were a hotel maid and someone left decent leftovers, I would be pretty excited to get to eat something different from what I usually eat, but some folks might consider it weird or gross or insulting to eat someone's leftovers, even if they're untouched (& especially if you don't know for sure they're untouched). So, I tend to leave them in the fridge instead of throwing them away, in case the maid is someone like me. I hope it's not a pain in the neck for them to have to deal with my leftovers. If any of you work as or have worked as a hotel maid and would like to weigh in, please do!

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