Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Grab It & Growl, March 26, 2015

I had lunch (quiche, salad, and scones) at a lovely little tea spot in Roseville, MI, called Just Delicious Scones with one of my book groups. Knowing how much Jeannene loves scones, shortbread, and pretty little iced cookies, I picked some of each up for her. She's been having a tough month at work and I thought she could use a little day-brightener. I also suspected that she probably hadn't paused for lunch. This was, indeed, the case, so I popped out and got her a burger from Dairy Queen. Thus, when she arrived home from work and I arrived home from a jewelry party after 10, she was still full from her 4 p.m. lunch and didn't really want anything. I'd had some nibbles at the party and dinner was more nibbles---extra-sharp cheddar and saltine crackers. Yes, friends, I eat cheese & crackers for dinner sometimes. What's more, I really love cheese & crackers.

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