Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monthiversary Dinner at Red Knapp's, March 30, 2015

We try to go out for dinner every month on the 30th. I wasn't sure my sweetheart would be up for dinner out to celebrate 13 years and 3 months of wedded bliss, but she surprised me by saying she'd like to go out. She refused to decide on the restaurant, so she was subjected to my hunger for a big salad topped with fried chicken strips. Luckily, she likes Red Knapp's in Oxford. We started with a sampler platter, most of which came home with us. When she suggested it, I agreed because I never get to have fried pickles (she abhors them & I would never eat a whole order by myself) and theirs are particularly good, spears instead of chips. I had my Southern fried chicken salad (which was, frankly, just okay---mostly a bunch of iceberg, with a smidgeon of cheese and 2 small chicken strips. Bizarrely, one strip was cut into bite-size pieces, the other was left whole, as if the cook got distracted or something. I added the leftover ones from our appetizer sampler & cut them all up) and Jeannene dug into a Wildcat burger, which was absolutely gargantuan! I think she ate 1/4 of it and brought the rest home to take for lunch. It was 2 huge beef patties with Swiss and American, dressed with lettuce, tomato, and Thousand Island. Their burgers are really wonderful, but now I know not ever to order that particular one unless I'm sharing it with someone and am very hungry!

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