Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Green Eggs & Ham at Leo's, March 2, 2015

We traditionally have green eggs and ham for dinner on Dr. Seuss' birthday. However, this year, we were at the library for Book Bingo, so we decided just to stop by Leo's (which is a local diner/coney island chain) on the way home instead of cooking when we got home. I figured I could easily get something green egg & hammish there---and I did! I ordered a Western omelet, with green pepper, onion, & ham. Jeannene chose the fish & chips, which were also really good.

It's funny how many diner-type restaurants there are in this part of the world. We have found them to be scarce in other areas where we've lived (I mean, not counting chains like Denny's, and even those are not easy to find in a lot of areas). Here, it seems to be the very most prevalent sort of restaurant.

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