Monday, March 23, 2015

Tea Tidbits, March 21, 2015

I'd planned a Spring Tea, something I've been hosting most years since I was in my early 20s. I vary the date, either to have it close to the first day of spring or International Women's Day. I picked up all the groceries Friday night, but hadn't yet started food prep when it became apparent that Jeannene was too sick with the flu to have guests. I set about contacting our guests to let them know the tea was cancelled, then thought, "Wow, I have a whole lot of ingredients here for tea food and no guests coming." Dinner was scheduled to be Jeannene's choice. She ended up asking to have the tea items for dinner, instead. It was an odd little collection of things for dinner, but it was good.

Actually, most of it was good. I tried a new recipe for strawberry sandwiches because I couldn't find my usual one and it was not very good at all. I'm glad I didn't serve that to company! If I don't find that recipe by the time I make strawberry sandwiches again, I guess I will just blend some strawberry jam into cream cheese, then top that with strawberry slices or fans. Maybe some basil, too.

In addition to strawberry tea sandwiches, we had cucumber sandwiches, tartines with egg and asparagus, and vanilla chai scones (those last were from a Sticky Fingers mix and were really tasty). For my cucumber sandwiches, I spread chive cream cheese on thin sandwich bread, cut each slice in 4, topped the quarters with a slice of cucumber each, and sprinkled the whole thing with snipped fresh dill.

As for the tartines, I had just pulled the recipe from a recent issue of Rachael Ray Magazine, hadn't even copied it into one of my binders yet. You can find the recipe here.

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