Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Broadway Grill, August 17, 2015

I'd planned a dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches, along with homemade onion rings & 3-bean salad. At the last moment, though, that just didn't sound like what I wanted. I didn't know what I did want, but it wasn't that. Luckily, Jeannene had commented, the last few times we'd passed The Broadway Grill, that we should go back there sometime. It'd been quite awhile since we'd eaten there. When I told her I wasn't in the mood for our dinner & I wanted to go there instead, she was delighted.

Since she's been jonesin' for wings, I agreed to an order of wings as an appetizer. I am not as wing-mad as she is, but the couple I had were tasty---not the best I've had, but good. Our waitress, who was very friendly and happy to make recommendations for us, brought our soups just about the same time as the wings, so we had a lot on our hands right away. My beef vegetable soup was yummy and her bean soup was good, too. I ate all of mine and wasn't hungry for my California club when it arrived, so I have it for lunch today. Jeannene loved her ribs, most of which also came home with us, and she said her baked potato was the best she's had out in years.

I was considering dessert, but they were out of the strawberry shortcake, which was what I really wanted. I thought about a teeny sundae, but they only have chocolate syrup and not hot fudge, so we just came home. Dessert's not so good for me, so why eat it unless it's exactly what I want?

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