Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Italian Sausage with Peppers, August 7, 2015

My wife loves Italian sausage with peppers and the poor thing never gets it unless she makes it herownself. I am not a big fan of Italian sausage, so she got me some hoagie-shaped Italian-seasoned burger patties, in hopes that I would like those, and also grilled some chicken spinach & feta sausages. At her request, I made some rice pilaf to go with labneh for the side dish, a treat we both really love. The burgers were a little overly seasoned for me and neither of us liked the chicken sausage much, but Pie came over the next day after his dermatologist appointment and wolfed down half the leftovers, taking the rest home with him, so nothing was wasted. Even though it wasn't a meal I was into, it makes me really happy that Jeannene feels free to make dinners that please her. The whole point of both of us cooking (besides it being fun) is for both of us to get to eat what we love. My grandmom used to get together with my great-grandfather, Denis, for lunch when she was a young married woman and they would always eat the foods Grandma Sadie hated. Isn't that funny? I wish I could have joined them for some of those lunches. He sounds like he was such a lovely person!

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