Friday, August 14, 2015

Russian Sandwiches, August 13, 2015

Mmm, mmm! Nothing like sweet corn and tomatoes from the Farmer's Market---unless they're from a little roadside stand like the one where my grandparents got their on the way back from table tennis nearly every day in August each year. They had Russian sandwiches (I do not know the provenance of the name---I'm fairly certain they're not any sort of authentic Russian food!) and sweet corn just about every day in August.

I stopped by our local farmer's market on Wednesday afternoon and picked up mine, along with some handmade bagels. To make a Russian sandwich, you toast your favorite kind of bread (I used country white last night), top it with ripe tomato slices, crisp bacon, and extra-sharp cheddar (I prefer either Tillamook or Cabot). Then, you broil it until the cheese is nice and melty and starting to brown. We had a salad with ours. Then, I had another for today's lunch. I love August! I do have to say that the Ohio tomatoes seem to have a better climate for producing a great tomato. But these were better than grocery store tomatoes for sure!

Oh, and to stave off any hunger pangs while the bacon cooked, I made an appetizer of slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, along with basil leaves, on baguette slices I'd brushed with olive oil and crisped in the oven, then rubbed with a smashed garlic clove. Before serving, I drizzled them with a smidge more olive oil and sprinkled Maldon salt on them. Scrumptious!

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