Monday, August 31, 2015

Gas Station Food, August 28, 2015

There's this gas station on the way to NW Pennsylvania from SE Michigan. I know that it comes after Toledo and before Sandusky, but that's about it. Inside is a Subway and a little mom & pop restaurant where we've eaten with Boot before. I Googled and it might very well be Joe's Pizza Kitchen in Oregon, Ohio, but I can't say that with any real degree of certainty. Anyway, I remembered having a really great fried bologna sandwich there, with tater tots, and Boot had really enjoyed his pizza, too. Jeannene, I think, had a patty melt that first time.

This time around, she got the fried bologna and I had the special, a sloppy joe with a ridiculously generous portion of mac & cheese. I could cheerfully have eaten Jeannene's fried bologna sandwich, if I were a person devoid of compunction. They do those just right. My sloppy joe was quite good, too, although not quite as tangy as I prefer. The mac & cheese was pretty flavorful, too.

The atmosphere, well, it's a bunch of booths in a gas station. But the food is so good and the service so quick that it makes an ideal spot for us to stop on the way to see our boy.

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