Monday, August 03, 2015

Burgers, August 2, 2015

For our Sunday dinner, Jeannene grilled burgers she picked up from the freezer section of the grocery. She had a box each of bacon cheddar burgers and portabella burgers. Pie chose onion buns for them, which I never think to do. I love them, but I forget, so that was a nice change of pace. They'll be nice to have on hand for turkey sandwiches this week, too! She made some burgers with cheddar, some with baby swiss, some with pepper jack, and some with American cheese. To go along with them, she picked up some microwavable (steam in box) small potatoes with herb packets---you're supposed just to add olive oil or butter with the herb mix after they're cooked. The technology was fine, but I didn't really dig their herb blend. I think I would toss their seasonings and do my own with the olive oil, next time. We also had mixed veggies, which she loves but never gets because I tend to do mostly fresh vegs when I cook. I had a lovely cantaloupe I sliced up to go with the meal and dessert was chocolate truffles from Trader Joe's.

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