Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ram's Horn, August 12, 2015

Since Pie was sick on Sunday & we didn't do Sunday dinner, we had him and Bubbles meet us at Ram's Horn in Rochester. Ram's Horn is a diner that serves breakfast all day, burgers and sandwiches, and comfort food. The theme seems to be "Umbrellas, Cars, & Jesus," making for an interesting visual. I love the colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling! The service, every time we've been, has been good and friendly. There are even some choices that are healthy. I did not make one of those last night.

Jeannene is big on appetizers, especially when we go out for meals with the kids, so she ordered boneless wings (which were fairly good) and mozzarella cheese sticks (which were completely pedestrian, as they so often are). For her main course, she had liver and onions with mashed potatoes and corn (which she promptly mixed together). She and Pie really loved the liver. Bubbles and I just took their word that it's good. It was Pie's first time to have it. I suspect it won't be the last. Bubbles opted for the salmon, as expected, and got mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables with it. We were all surprised to find that the mixed veggies were, rather than the corn/peas/carrot cubes we expected, random veggies like broccoli florets, red onion slivers, shredded carrots, and mushroom slices, all fresh! Bubbles was not enthused, but Pie kept stealing her veggies. He had a tuna melt and fries, which he reported were excellent. I also got a sandwich, a grilled cheese, which was good, but not as good as the one at Restaurant. The chili I had was pretty good, but the beans were a bit odd. I think they were "chili beans" rather than kidney beans. I haven't been able to find chili I really love up here in Michigan yet. Often, when I order a bowl of chili, I get a bowl of coney topping. Good thing I know how to make it!

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