Monday, August 31, 2015

CJ's, August 26, 2015

Last Wednesday, the wife texted from work saying she wanted to go out to celebrate a good visit from the folks at corporate HQ. We thought we'd either go to Sagebrush or CJ's in Lake Orion. Sagebrush sounded good to me, but I suspected they would be, as always, packed. They were, with a 45-minute wait on a Wednesday night! The food there is good, but it definitely doesn't warrant, to my mind, a long wait like that on a weeknight. I will cheerfully wait that long if a place is fabulous, but if there are other good places around, I'd just as soon pop over to one of them. Being as CJ's is right next door, we took our business there, instead.

There are two sides to CJ's, the bar area, which is dimly lit and loud, and what I think of as the breakfast area, which is more brightly lit and much more tranquil. I sampled the chili (isn't it nice that they're willing to bring soup samples---I can't tell you how often I've made the mistake of ordering chili in Michigan without checking to see that it's what I think of as chili, rather than a bowl of coney sauce) and pronounced it good. So, my supper was that and a grilled cheese. I'd've liked them to come out at the same time, since Jeannene had also ordered an appetizer, but no big deal. We munched on tempura shrimp with our soup (she had German tomato soup, which has cabbage and ground beef in it---we'd never heard of it before & found it quite yummy). When my grilled cheese came, Jeannene had a plate of fish tacos to enjoy.

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